Fresh ice cream made right on your boat!

Sea Maid is excited to introduce a new spin on your favorite summertime treat.

Can you imagine making fresh ice cream right on your boat? With the Sea Maid, you can! The The Sea Maid is a tow-behind ice cream maker that can mix up 12.5oz ice cream in as little as 20 minutes.

You can tow it behind a pontoon boat, cruiser, or sailboat. It can even be towed behind your kayak. The flavors can be mixed at home and kept in the cooler with your other on board snacks and beverages.

What other way can you make treats by throwing the ingredients overboard? For only $49.95, your boat will double as a floating ice cream parlor.

Sea Maid

The Sea Maid Ice Cream Maker

Sea Maid Ice Cream Maker

With the Sea Maid ice cream maker all you need is heavy cream, flavor of your choice, ice, and rock salt. The cream and flavor go into the internal mixing container. Fill it an inch from the top to leave room for expansion. Next, fill the internal chamber of the Sea Maid with as much ice as possible and ½ cup of rock salt. After you’ve made sure it’s sealed tight, attach a line onto the heavy-duty swivel and drop it over the side. As long as you’re moving, the Sea Maid will do all the work. A spiral-dynamic exterior chamber keeps the Sea Maid in constant motion while being towed. In 20-25 minutes, you will have fresh ice cream.

Sea Maid Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy one?

Because YOU want to have something that none of your buddies have!

How do I maintain a Sea Maid?

In order to get your Sea Maid to last a long time it will need to be rinsed out of all salt and ice cream residue before being stored. Make sure the Sea Maid is fully dried after use and store it in a dry place.

Why do I need rock salt and where do I find it?

Rock salt makes ice melt evenly. This helps the ice cream to have even consistency. Rock salt can be bought from any grocery or drug store.

How fast is too fast for towing a Sea Maid?

The Sea Maid is designed for speeds under seven knots, that’s about eight miles an hour.

What if I go faster than seven knots towing the Sea Maid?

Going faster than seven knots may result in the Sea Maid bouncing/skipping across the water rather than spinning as it’s designed. The Sea Maid can’t make ice cream unless it’s spinning smoothly.

Is there only one Size?

The Sea Maid only comes in one size that is capable of making 12.5 oz. of ice cream.

How many colors does the Sea Maid come in?

The Sea Maid is available in blue and red. Orange, purple and green to follow soon!

Can I make anything else in the sea maid?

Not that we’re aware of but we’d love to hear your ideas!

What is your return policy?

Our return policy can be found here

Does the Se Maid have a warranty?

The Sea Maid limited warranty an be viewed here.

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